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The Virtual Gastric Band Program

The Virtual Gastric Band Program developed by Sheila Granger from the UK, is the only gastric band program that has undertaken clinical trials , with an impressive 95% success rate in these trials. It is a is a 4 sesssion weight reduction program which helps clients reduce their weight easily and effortlessly, run over a period of 4 weeks.

No invasive surgery, no risk, and definitely no dieting, just steady weight reduction. Contact us today to find out more about the Virtual Gastric Band program. At the moment sessions are available with Leanne, our Hypnotherapist on a 1:1 basis, with group sessions starting on 12 November. Leanne is a Shelia Granger certified practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mind Detox Coach, Psych-K facilitator and NLP Practitioner.

"My own experience with dieting and weight control started way back in my teens, yo yo dieting most of my life, always on to the "next best diet", counting calories, restricting what I ate and so on, name it, and I've probably tried it! I have finally come to realise that even the healthiest of diets can provide too many calories, which, if not burnt off through exercise, turn to fat. The key for me has been portion control, no deprivation, just smaller quantities." - The virtual gastric band programme does just that - no deprivation, no cooking separate meals, no feeling unsociable because you're "on a diet", just smaller quantities of all the foods you love.

Part of the programme includes motivation for exercise, any exercise of your choice, as this can often be a contributing factor in speeding up our weight reduction and of course fitness. It covers cravings, snacking, eating when you're not hungry, water intake...basically everything that has an impact on our weight management is covered in this programme. And since we are working with our very powerful subconscious minds in hypnosis, it works so much better than just using willpower alone.

Since I am also trained as a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Adviser, I can also, if you choose, help you make healthier choices over time and recommend effective exercising so there is no need to spend hours trying to achieve what can be done in a shorter period, making it easier to fit into your schedule.


Join us on this highly successful, popular programme, now available as a group. The benefits of joining a group are: Meeting others in the same position as yourself; group support; making new friends and a wonderful $100 discount off the regular price of $400, so you pay only $300. Fees are payable in full before the programme commences, and it is required that you attend each session.

Spaces are strictly limited to 4 participants, ensuring plenty of 1:1 attention.

Timings are 7pm to approximately 9pm for the first session on 12 November, thereafter 7pm to 8.30pm for the remaining Monday sessions, 19th November, 26th November and 3rd December.

Please call Leanne on 021 180 7966 for any further information and to secure your place.


Hypnosis is both a state of mind and a process - a process of inducing a trance state. We all go in and out of trance many times in a day without realising it. Have you ever driven somewhere arriving at your destination without having remembered the trip? Or been watching TV and "disappeared" somewhere in your mind without even closing your eyes? The subconscious mind has taken over, it is that part of our minds that runs the show, so to speak. The part of our minds that makes up 90% of our capacity and holds all our memories, everything we've ever experienced, seen, heard, touched, tasted and so on.

It's in this subconscious part of our minds that old unhelpful beliefs are stored and acted upon without our conscious awareness. We may wonder why we react a certain way, or hold negative beliefs about ourselves or why we have certain fears or phobias. Hypnotherapy induces this trance state to access that part of our minds that we can't do with our conscious, analytical minds getting in the way and by so doing helping people to move towards health and wholeness.

In this state one can make empowering changes that open new doors of possibility in all areas of our lives. The client is at all times in control of the process, the Hypnotherapist is the facilitator helping YOU to remove the blocks holding you back. Everyone is a good subject for hypnosis and there are as many ways of going into trance as there are people, it's all about finding what works for the individual.

To put it another way - It's a natural process in which your mind is more receptive to positive suggestion,insight and releasing negative feelings.
It's your mind's ability to rapidly integrate new skills, strategies, and strengths.

By using NLP alongside Hypnotherapy can create powerful lasting change.


Another area Leanne love's helping clients with, is insomnia, or sleep difficulties, and anxiety, and the reason is......she's been there herself!! So she knows, first hand how absolutely awful it can be to not sleep well, or not all in some cases.

"At the worst point I was averaging about 2 hours sleep a night, feeling awful the next day, struggling to cope with just doing the most simple of activities. As a result my massage business, which was my full time occupation at the time, suffered hugely as I had to turn many clients away due to just not having the energy to see them.

This is when I made a conscious choice to not let this issue get the better of me. I researched everything I could about the subject, had numerous visits to doctors for sleeping aids, which they eventually refused to give me any more, tried every technique under the sun, practiced sleep hygiene and so on. I became an expert in sleep issues (which of course exacerbated the problem with all the focus on it). A dear friend and fellow hypnotherapist even suggested that it was maybe just another project I felt I needed to have in my life, which may have been the case, who knows!!

After practising much self hypnosis and employing NLP techniques alongside this, I eventually got my sleep under control, and now, I sleep well! So I am passionate about getting to the cause of peoples sleep issues, I want everyone to experience restorative, deep sleep and have a variety of sleep hypnosis techniques to help people with."

If you have sleep and anxiety issues, give Leanne a call to discuss how she can help you with the Quantum Leap Sleep Protocol.

At Quantum Leap Hypnotherapy, we help people in all areas of their lives, some examples are:

  • Quit Smoking
  • Weight Management
  • Virtual Gastric Band weight reduction program
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Phobias and Fears
  • Sleep Problems
  • All Habits eg nail biting, teeth grinding etc
  • Confidence Boosting
  • Achieving desired goals
  • Improving Relationships
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Pain Management
  • Reducing Sugar Cravings
  • And many many more..........

  • Leanne is passionate about helping people in all areas of their lives to create a life of joy, success and peace. She studied at The NZ School of Professional Hypnotherapy as well as completing the MMHA online academy training in Ontario, Canada. She is also qualified in Mind Detox Method and Psych-K and may at times combine these therapies along with Mindscaping and Tapping in a session to get the best result for her clients.

    Leanne charges $120 per session (sessions are between 60 and 90 minutes) for individual sessions and $90 for follow ups (45 to 60 minutes)

    Quit smoking package - $250 for 2 sessions
    Virtual Gastric Band Weight Management package - $400 for 4 sessions ($300 for group sessions)

    A little about Mind Detox and Psych-K

    MIND DETOX is the personal transformation technique that heals the hidden causes of physical, emotional and life problems. - Sandy Newbigging

    Mind Detox Method was created by Sandy Newbigging and is a method of finding out the hidden cause for many of our life and physical problems, the significant emotional events that impact our lives in not so helpful ways. Since our beliefs determine how we feel, how we act, and ultimately create our personal reality, it is important that any less than helpful belief is resolved so one can find the peace and success we desire.

    It is a simple yet effective method for creating change and does not require one to relive any old trauma thereby making it an enjoyable experience. It combines well with Hypnotherapy to create a truly holistic therapy.


    Created by Robert Williams, Psych-K is another simple yet highly effective method of changing beliefs at the level of the subconscious mind. Since we create our own reality through our subconscious beliefs, it makes sense to remove the beliefs we have "downloaded" that no longer serve us, holding us back in all areas of our lives, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Based on years of split brain research, also known as Brain Dominance Theory, Psych-K provides a variety of ways to quickly identify and transform beliefs that limit us to beliefs that support us and our growth.

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